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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you travel?

Absolutely! JEE is based in Pittsburgh but will go wherever you're planning!

how do you decide who to work with?

Ensuring you vibe with your wedding planner is SO important. I have inquiry calls with all couples to go over their ideas, personalities, interests and more to determine if we are the right fit. Our values and goals have to align. If they don't, that's okay! I'm happy to refer you another local planner I think would suit you better!

My venue has a coordinator, why do I need a planner?

While some venue coordinators are more hands on than others, the easiest way to determine the difference is that coordinators are focused on the venue, food and staff while a planner is focused on you and the wedding overall.

Do you limit the amount of communication we have during the planning process?

Absolutely not. My clients can reach out to me whenever and as often as they need. We keep constant communication. 

Do you work with preferred vendors?

While I do have a list of recommended vendors, I do not work with a preferred list. I feel that all couples have different styles, personalities and budgets so it’s impossible that the same group of vendors could fit everyones needs.

how far in advance do you book?

Most clients book at least a year out.

What details should we have confirmed prior to hiring you?

Most importantly, the date!

can you work within a budget?

Absolutely, we will discuss how to to break up your overall budget based on the things that are most important to you.